Programmes Offered

1) Foundation in Sciences

Foundation In Science

A preparation programme that assists academic admission into multiple undergraduate disciplines, such as health science, applied science, engineering and social sciences. GIC offers a holistic foundation programme which the students will be equipped with enhanced level of educational literacy and soft skills to ensure a smooth transitional process from secondary school into undergraduate programmes. Upon successful completion, students will gain an entry qualification to both local or abroad degree programmes.

2) Diploma in Business Studies

Diploma In Business Studies

The programme has received full accreditation from Malaysia qualification Agency(MQA) a. has gained recognition from Malaysian Public Service Department “Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam”. Student are exposed to syllabus involving Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing. With a DBS award, students can further into degree level studies locally and overseas. Operating a business is crucial and gaining knowledge in business studies is definitely a wise choice.

Students will be able to choose a variety of jobs in all sectors of the economy such as Sales, Admin, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Operation and Services. The Diploma in Business Studies is recognised by Malaysia Public Service Department “JPA” and “MQA” therfore graduates are able to get at least one year exemption in related field at all local and overseas universities

3) Diploma in Law Enforcement Management

Diploma In Law Enforcement Management

This diploma will provide students with the skills and knowledge in various aspects of law enforcement, criminal law and related areas. It is specifically geared towards providing students with an understanding in criminology, criminal law and practices, security crisis management, administrative law, security threats and liabilities and the criminal justice system.

Students will be trained in leadership, teamwork and investigation techniques. Through this course, students will be shaped to be one rank above the rest and have higher employment opportunities in the field of security management and law enforcement.

4) Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Diploma In Early Childhood Education

By enrolling in our Diploma in Early Childhood Education, you will learn various aspects of child development and you will also acquire professional skills to engage in teaching-learning processes and experiences, curriculum planning and various aspects of management in Early Childhood Education. 

5) Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Teachnology

Diploma In Aircraft Maintenance Technology

This programme will cover not only the composite technology but also all the aspects of fixed wing aircraft, including airframe and engines and will be taught in 7 semesters (3 1/2 years). The syllabus encompasses fundamental subjects such as mathematics, physics and aerodynamics. It will also encompass airframe systems, piston and turbine engines, the electrical and electronic systems aspect, which also includes basic electronics instrumentation, aircraft electrical systems and the maintenance of the aircraft electrical and instrument systems. The graduates will be specialists in the areas of fabrication and repair in composite technology. Graduates will be awarded Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (Composite) upon completing the programme. This comprehensive training will also prepare the graduates to be readily absorbed in the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul organization (MRO). There is a need for qualified personnel in the aviation industry locally and world wide and the training provided by UniKL MIAT will ensure greater employment opportunities for the graduates in this field.