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One of the most vital traits of real-world education, in parallel with real-world needs, is to work with and within communities. At Goon International College (GIC), we believe that the communities around us play an important role in shaping and influencing future leaders and professional businesses. We interact with a variety of communities and imbue our students with the skills required to work with these communities effectively.

Corporate Social Responsibilities initiatives that benefit society by corporate enterprises are important in ensuring that the business world remains connected to its own corporate conscience for a better environment and better communities. One of the CSR projects initiated by GIC includes the Hydroponic Project, Pineapple Plantation Project, and Hari Raya RIQ.


Goon International College (GIC) makes every effort to conduct a lot more initiatives that support any CSR-related projects annually. These projects give our students, staff, and society an opportunity to volunteer by joining our CSR initiatives programmes. Furthermore, GIC’s initiatives allow our students, staff and local society to improve their leadership, communication and collaborative skills.

We seek to inspire a positive change in society. This ensures that we work in tandem with our chosen communities to ensure their long-term sustainability and growth by leveraging off the Malaysian public’s commitment to social services.

Our CSR is involved in projects in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Special Needs
  • Children
  • Disaster Relief
  • Environment
  • Sports Inclusivity
  • Animal Welfare
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The process of growing plants without soil—has been conducted at the indigenous village in Betau as part of the GIC project. This sustainable project has been a success and it has created an opportunity for GIC’s students to initiate a source of income for the targeted community. The agricultural knowledge of indigenous people acts as one of the prime factors for the success of this project.

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The Pineapple Plantation Project is also part of GIC's CSR initiative targeting the indigenous community. The activity takes place at indigenous village in Betau. The main goal of this project is to create a source of income for the indigenous community who lived in the indigenous village in Betau. Our students and staff members had spared no effort in setting up the pineapple plantation according to the given time frame. This activity has opened an opportunity for the students to develop and sharpen their soft skills, as such; teamwork and leadership skills.

3 CSR Inspiring Excellence 2024


The Malaysian indigenous community, also known as the Orang Asli, is one of Malaysia's underprivileged and less fortunate communities. According to a press conference held in 2019, poverty affects 33% of the indigenous population. Colin Nicholas from the Centre for Orang Asli Concerns declared at a press conference that 99.2% of the Peninsular Orang Asli community is in the B40 income band, earning less than RM4,000 monthly. While this group may not perceive itself to be impoverished and prosper in their own way of life, their lack of fundamental essentials must be addressed. GIC has pledged to collaborate with these indigenous tribes in order to eliminate inequity.

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Hari Raya is a festive celebration that is not just for family but the entire community. The month of Ramadan for many of us is a time of self-reflection and appreciation. As part of GIC corporate social responsibility, we are reaching out to the urban poor families. Many of these families consist of single mothers with children and also the elderly. Our mission is to ease the journey of life of those communities. Hoping that we are leaving a positive impact in the communities, especially in the key area – children with needs. Through this initiative we have given the selected families some financial aid which would make their Raya celebration merrier.