Universitas Hasanuddin

Hasanuddin University (UNHAS), the largest institution for higher learning in Eastern Indonesia and a center of excellence in the development of human resources, science, technology, art, and culture influenced by Indonesia’s status as a maritime nation. Throughout Indonesia. UNHAS is renowned for providing a quality learning environment that nurtures innovation and a proactive attitude toward education.

Approaching 60 years of dedication and service, Hasanuddin University has built a reputation for quality, officially recognized with an A-grade accreditation by the National Accreditation Bureau (BAN-PT).

UNHAS educational facilities are some of the best in the nation and include a teaching hospital, two clinics, a teaching farm, teaching forest, teaching industry, and other facilities aimed to nurture a positive learning environment. This university has always been aware of environmental issues and Hasanuddin University has two green campuses: our Tamalanrea campus occupies an area of 220-hectares and is where you can find our 14 faculties and post-graduate program and is home for almost 25000 students and Unhas campus in the regency of Gowa is the new home for Unhas engineering school.

Hasanuddin University is taking big steps to establish our place as a world-class university. In 2016, it rose in the list of the top 12 universities in Indonesia, to 8th place. The Minister for Research, Technology and Higher Education compiles this list based on teaching, research, facilities, student achievements and accreditation standards. In 2017, Hasanuddin University became one of several Autonomous Universities, freed from the need to seek Ministry approval for basic operations and budgetary matters.It remains as a public university until now.