Hasanuddin University (UNHAS)

Hasanuddin University or also known as Universitas Hasanuddin is one of the largest autonomous universities in Indonesia. It is located in Makassar which is the capital of South Sulawesi province. The university was established in 1956 and named after Sultan Hasanuddin, a former King of the Gowa Kingdom.

Hasanuddin University was first established on 11 June 1956 and it started with the first faculty of economics during the early years. Throughout the years, Hasanuddin University started to grow and have developed several faculties that offer degree programs to students. Hasanuddin University also has become one of the lists for top universities in Indonesia during 2016.


Centre of excellence for Indonesian maritime-based development of humanity, sciences, technology, arts, and cultures.


  1. To provide a qualified learning environment to develop the capacity of innovative and proactive learners.
  2. To preserve, develop, find, and create the sciences, technology, arts, and cultures.
  3. To implement and disseminate the sciences, technology, arts, and cultures for the prosperity of Indonesian maritime society.


  1. Integrity: honesty, courage, responsibility, determination.
  2. Innovation: the combination of creativity, quality-orientation, independence, pioneering.
  3. Catalytic: bravery, determination, dedication, and competitiveness.
  4. Wisdom: appropriateness, fairness and civilizedness, holism, and adaptability.

Programs offered:

Facilities provided:

  • accommodation
  • lecture room
  • library
  • wi-fi internet
  • cafeteria