Universitas Sumater Utara

The history of the University of North Sumatra (USU) began with the establishment of the North Sumatra University Foundation on June 4, 1952. The founding of the foundation was pioneered by the Governor of North Sumatra to fulfill the wishes of the people of North Sumatra in particular and the Indonesian people in general.

During the Japanese occupation, some prominent people in Medan including Dr. Pirngadi and Dr. T. Mansoer drafted a medical college. After Indonesian independence, the government appointed Dr. Mohd. Djamil in Bukit Tinggi as chairman of the committee. After the restoration of sovereignty due to the clash in 1947, Governor Abdul Hakim took the initiative to encourage people throughout North Sumatra to raise money for the establishment of a university in this area.

On December 31, 1951 a preparatory committee for the establishment of higher education institutions was chaired by Dr. Soemarsono whose members consist of Dr. Ahmad Sofian, Ir. Danunagoro and Mr. Djaidin Purba. As a result of cooperation and moral and material assistance from the entire community of North Sumatra which at that time included the Special Region of Aceh, on August 20, 1952, the Faculty of Medicine was successfully established at Jalan Seram with twenty-seven students including two women. Then followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Law and Community Knowledge (1954), the Teacher Training and Education Faculty (1956), and the Faculty of Agriculture (1956).

On November 20, 1957, USU was inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Dr. Ir. Sukarno became the seventh public university in Indonesia. In 1959, the Faculty of Engineering was opened in Medan and the Faculty of Economics in Kutaradja (Banda Aceh) which was formally inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia and then the establishment of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry (1960) in Banda Aceh. So at that time, USU consisted of five faculties in Medan and two faculties in Banda Aceh.

Furthermore, following the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry (1961), the Faculty of Literature (1965), the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (1965), the Faculty of Social Sciences and Political Sciences (1982), the Postgraduate School (1992), the Faculty of Public Health (1993) , Faculty of Pharmacy (2006), Faculty of Psychology (2007), Faculty of Nursing (2009), Faculty of Forestry (2014).

In 2003, USU changed its status from a State University (PTN) to a state-owned legal entity (BHMN) tertiary institution. The change in status of USU from PTN to BHMN is the fifth in Indonesia. Previously it had changed the status of UI, UGM, ITB and IPB in 2000. After USU was followed by changes in the status of UPI (2004) and UNAIR (2006).

During its development, several faculties within USU have become the embryo of the founding of three new state universities, namely Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh, of which the embryo is the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry at USU in Banda Aceh. Then the establishment of the Medan State Teaching and Education Institute (IKIP) (1964), which has now been changed to Medan State University (UNIMED) whose embryo is the USU Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. After that, Medan State Polytechnic was established (1999) which was originally USU Polytechnic.

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