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Vistula University was founded in 1992 as the second non-public university in Poland. It derives from the tradition and experience of four academic institutions: University of Insurance and Banking (original name of Vistula University), the Higher School of Economics and Information, the European Academy of Arts and the School of Management joined in 2012-2015.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

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Bachelor studies are the first step to a successful career. Higher education will boost your prospects for a better career and enhance your future earnings. So, if you have a high school diploma and you have passed your matriculation exam, move on to a higher educational level. At Vistula University, one of the Vistula Group of Universities, you will gain knowledge and valuable competences.


Vistula Universities provide all students with an option to live in the SGGW dormitory. In order to get full information about dormitory and book a room please contact

We also collaborate with some private hostels for students. You can rent a dorm room or apartment, as well. The accommodation options are available on:

  • – this is a search engine for your dormitory that reaches students from all over the world; you do not incur any additional costs for renting and booking; the same, or lower price, as stated directly in the dorm is guaranteed; offers are verified by a qualified team;
  • – this private dormitory in Mokotów, the prestigious and most-liked district of Warsaw, offers space in single-room studio apartments; there are also several double rooms available; all rooms have high standards, are fully furnished, have private bathrooms with showers, and kitchenettes with a hob; students have, at their disposal, a co-working zone for spending time together and learning, as well as a chill-out and multimedia room, where they can relax and integrate; there are tram and bus stops nearby, and a metro station is close to the building;
  • – is a unique and innovative project; its goal is to help search for a place of residence for pupils and students from around the world, who choose Poland as a place of study, internship, or participating in one of many international student exchange programmes; it has a huge database regarding properties, provides the support of lawyers and advisers, and constantly expands and updates the offer, to meet the new needs and growing requirements of clients;
  • – this is a hostel located in a quiet and prestigious district of Warsaw – namely, Ursynów; the building is designed for 34 residents; in the offer, there are 2- and 4- person rooms.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: – we will be glad to help you.

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