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Besides filling and pulling out teeth, the dentists’ tasks include restoring function to badly decayed, broken or infected teeth, replacing missing teeth with dentures, bridges or implant-supported prostheses, treatment of oral diseases such as inflammatory diseases of gum and supporting tissues, destructive diseases such as cancer of the oral tissues, and the aligning and straightening of teeth. As our smiles are a reflection of our emotional wellbeing, dentists also serve to enhance patients’ confidence and self-esteem. Dentistry is a challenging career choice. However, as dentists are generally not required to be on call or make house calls, dentists have an easier task of juggling career, family and personal priorities. The Dentistry programme offers a choice of 2 tracks. Students can opt to undertake the entire 5-year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree in IMU or spend the initial years and then transfer to reputable universities abroad. For the latter option, students will receive the degree from the respective partner university.


Graduates will be well equipped to seek a future career as a:

  • Medical Officer at Public Hospitals
  • Private Medical Centre Physician
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Higher Education Lecturer
  • Research Scientist


Students are taught by qualified, competent professionals with over 10 years of academic experience. Learning environments include the Dental Skills Centre and Oral Health Centre, both of which are equipped with new technologies for interactive learning, skills development and patient education, promoting pleasant and safe patient care.


Are you ready to take the next step in your academic journey? Our programme offers an exciting opportunity for individuals passionate about the field of Bachelor of Dentistry programme. To ensure a smooth admission process, please take note of our entry requirements listed below.


SPM / O-Level

A pass in SPM/O-level or equivalent with 5Bs each in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics / Additional Mathematics and another subject at school level or its equivalent.