I.M Sechnov First Moscow University

I.M Sechnov First Moscow University is one of the top university in Russia that has a high standard of education quality in term of medical, research and clinical activities that being conduct at the university. I.M Sechnov First Moscow University consists of 7 faculties which are faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and preventive medicine, pediatrics also nursing Training, Psychology and Social Work. There are also 144 departments, 5 Research Institutes, 25 Scientific & Educational Clinical Centers, and Simulation Center with Virtual Hospital “Mentor Medicus”, Surgical Skills Simulation Center “Praxi Medical”, and Central Scientific Medical Library with 22 multi-field hospitals.

Programs offered:

Facilities provided:

  • Clinical Campus
  • Clinical Simulation Center
  • Museum of the History of Medicine
  • Central Scientific Medical Library
  • Botanic Garden
  • Stadium