Universitas Padjadjaran

Padjadjaran University or known by the abbreviation Unpad is one of the state universities in Indonesia. Unpad was established on September 11, 1957, with a campus located in Bandung. At present, Unpad is a Legal Entity State University. Government Regulation Number 80 of 2014 concerning the Establishment of Unpad as a Legal Entity State University was signed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, on October 17, 2014. After that, Government Regulation Number 51 of 2015 concerning the Padjadjaran University Statute was signed by the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, on 22 July 2015.

These PTN Legal Entities are listed in Law Number 12 Year 12 regarding Higher Education. Article 65 of the Law states that the implementation of higher education autonomy can be given selectively based on performance by the Minister to PTN. The form of autonomy referred to consists of PTN implementing the Financial Management Pattern of Public Service Bodies (PK BLU) or PTN Legal Entities. Unpad has been implementing PK BLU autonomy since 15 September 2008, and now has a mandate to increase its autonomy to become a State Legal Entity PTN. The trust of the government to give the mandate to Unpad to become a PTN Legal Entity is a “fruit” of the long struggle of the Unpad managers to maintain the quality and achievements of their students at the national and international levels.

On January 16, 2014, Unpad obtained a certificate of accreditation from higher education institutions “Accredited with Rank A” from the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education. Furthermore, Unpad regained the “A” accreditation rating from BAN PT on December 19, 2018.

The university had four departments: Law, Economics, Medicine, and Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Now it has developed into 16 faculties and several postgraduate programs, 44 undergraduate programs (Strata 1/S1), two specialist programs, nine doctorate programs (Strata 3/S3), 19 master’s degree programs (Strata 2/S2), five profession programs, one four-year diploma program (D4), and 32 three-year diploma programs (D3). As one of leading university, Padjadjaran University has much vision to be the best for academic activities including teaching and learning. The faculty of Medicine here offers 5 years Medical Degree, Which the last 2 years study will be a clinical at Hasan Sadikin Hospital. Padjadjaran University also offered Dentistry Degree that can be complete within 5 years. Both degrees (Medicine and Dentistry) are taught in English.

Padjadjaran University (IndonesianUniversitas Padjadjaran, abbreviated as UNPAD) is an institution of higher learning located in Bandung, which is the provincial capital of West JavaIndonesia. It was established on September 11, 1957.[3]

UNPAD has gained the most applicant and highest passing grade in National Selection of State University Entrance (SNMPTN) since 2013.[4][5] In 2014, UNPAD was officially set as State University of Legal Entities[6] and accredited “A” by BAN-PT.[7] It also ranked as top ten universities in Indonesia by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education in 2016.[8] In the 2019 QS World Universities Ranking, UNPAD is ranked 4th in Indonesia and got in the range of rankings of 651-700th in the world.[9]

UNPAD was also one of the contributors to the venue for an important conference, the Asia-Africa Conference in 1955, where Bandung was appointed as the host. Therefore, the construction of its facilities is prevalent since then.[10]


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