Foundation In Science

(MQA/FA 9170)


The GIC Foundation in Science gives students a proper grounding for a science-related degree, especially in the areas of medicine and health sciences.The curriculum is designed to stimulate critical thinking and build a life-long love for science via interactive workshops, seminars, experiments or lectures by visiting professors from GIC renowned partner universities.Students will not only learn the fundamental scientific principles and skillsets, they will also be motivated to explore their interests in a particular field of science to help them choose the pathway leading to their career choice. Subject to specific entry requirement, students who successfully complete the Foundation in Science programme will be able to gain entry into GIC or other Malaysian universities as it is a MQA accredited programme. The GIC Foundation in Science programme has 3 start dates across the year so you can choose the time frame that is most suitable for you.

Goon International College’s Foundation in Science is structured as a broad-based interdisciplinary programme to expose students to all basic areas of sciences, communication and there essential soft skills necessary to succeed in any science-related fields.

Accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and supported by official partnerships with various International universities, students of the programme will be ready to further their Bachelor’s studies at their preferred universities.

Why Choose Us?

  • To pursue degree course in Medicine, Dentistry & Pharmacy
  • At least grade B in five subjects including:
  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics
  • (or Additional Mathematics) and one other subject.
  • Credit in Bahasa Malaysia & English
  • To pursue any other degree courses
  • Credits in 5 subjects including Mathematics and 2 science subjects. Pass in Bahasa Malaysia & English

Malaysia quality accreditation board (MQA/FA9170)

Problem Base Learning System (PBL)

  1. Biology  
  2. Physics 
  3. Chemistry 
  4. English 
  5. Mathematics 
  6. Fundamental Of Computer Science
  7. Ethics & Moral Studies
  8. Pengajian Malaysia l
  9. IT Application Skills
  10. Internet Skills

To Further studies In respected university applied.Please check affiliation University for further detail

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